Job Opportunity: Volunteer and Token Coordinator

The Woodstock Farmers Market, a 503(c)(6) nonprofit, is looking for a Volunteer & Token Coordinator. The Volunteer & Token Coordinator is part of a small team that keeps the market running! The focus of the position is on recruiting volunteers and building and managing positive engaging relationships with the volunteer community.

The Volunteer & Token Coordinator is present at the weekly Sunday market ensuring volunteers are engaged in set up, managing booths, and tear down. This is a part-time, seasonal, remote work position. The position is from late May through October, with additional hours in November. Average hours per week is 18 which includes 8 hours every Sunday at the Market. To apply, send resume and cover letter to

Job Summary

The Woodstock Farmers Market Volunteer and Token Coordinator manages the volunteer program, oversees the script/token program (including vendor payments and SNAP Match tracking), and oversees general supplies for the market. The Volunteer Coordinator works at the market each Sunday from approximately 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., engaging closely with the Market Manager.

General Duties

  • Recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers at the market. Maintain and update current volunteer database
  • Establish a strong, engaging relationship with volunteers
  • Organize and maintain the token/script program, including the Point of Sale (POS) card machine and three token currencies
  • Track weekly sales of SNAP, Credit, Debit and other currency (like OHSU Food Rx) in tokens spreadsheet
  • Track monthly sales of SNAP and SNAP Matching tokens and remaining matching funds
  • Work with Market Manager to maintain equipment
  • Identify and/or create needed on-site informational materials
  • Maintain the merchandise inventory, and coordinate with graphic designer and the Board for replacements
  • Track crowd counts and share with Market Manager and Board
  • Coordinate marketing efforts with Board Marketing Chair including targeted outreach, neighborhood flyering and social media
  • Help plan and execute special event days with Market Manager and Board

Pre-Season Duties

  • Schedule and conduct volunteer orientation, usually the second week of May
  • Coordinate with volunteers to pass out official posters in neighborhood
  • Prepare/update volunteer orientation handouts, FAQs, liability forms, and schedules
  • Identify and purchase needed equipment and supplies
  • Establish (or maintain) account with a merchant service provider to handle card transactions

In-Season Duties

  • Recruit volunteers for ongoing market activities and special events
  • Update and maintain volunteer instructions, including setup instructions and SNAP/Debit token instructions
  • Work with Board to recognize volunteer work
  • Coordinate distribution of special event posters and fliers with volunteers and Board
  • Deposit cash sales of merchandise, tokens, and donations
  • Maintain merchant service provider account; confirm fees with bookkeeper
  • Maintain POS machine by charging and testing the machine the night before each market. Be aware of any mandatory updates to machine to avoid delays at market
  • Ensure that the market equipment is ready for each week’s market and repair and replace as needed
  • Provide back-up support as needed to the Market Manager

Market Day

  • Guide volunteers in market duties, including setup, token booth, Kids Passport, Info booth, floaters, and breakdown
  • Update equipment map and tent plan, coordinate with graphic designer as necessary
  • Supervise packing of the shed at the end of the day. Have a plan for rainy days
  • Supervise the SNAP/Debit booth and troubleshoot any problems
  • Supervise merchandise sales and maintain an inventory on all merchandise
  • Supervise crowd counts
  • Help to resolve issues and questions that arise from customers or volunteers in a respectful and timely manner\
  • Work with Market Manager to resolve immediate issues at the market
  • Take home tokens for vendor reimbursement, unsold tokens, and card machine at the end of each market

After the Market Season

  • Be sure all equipment is dry, clean, and stored for the following season
  • Complete tracking of volunteer hours
  • Prepare end-of-season Board report with successes, suggestions for improvements, and other considerations for the following year’s market
  • Prepare merchandise report with sales totals and suggestions
  • Prepare recommended equipment purchase report for the Board

Hours and Pay Schedule

This part-time, seasonal position is calculated at approximately 18 hours per week during the market season: 8 hours each Sunday of the market and 10 hours during the week for counting tokens, recording financials, coordinating volunteers and equipment and monthly Board meetings. Additional hours may be required for the Volunteer and Vendor events in May and leading up to each special event day for logistics planning, extra equipment layout, and additional volunteer coordinating.

This is a part-time, seasonal position. The Volunteer and Token Coordinator is expected to be at the market every Sunday through the full market season.

Essential Functions

  • Lift, push, pull up to 50lbs on a regular basis
  • Standing/walking for extended periods of time
  • Regular and reliable access to computer and internet
  • Basic computer literacy including competency with google docs and Excel spreadsheets
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Able to maintain a positive demeanor in all kinds of weather
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