This Week at the Market: August 23rd


Green peppers.There is so much to look forward to at the market each week including all the ingredients for my family’s go-to summer dinner: a platter of fresh vegetables and including cucumbers, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and apples paired with a couple varieties of hummus and a few different sausages sliced into coins. For dessert we have a bowl of nectarines and berries topped with whipped cream. This simple yet delicious meal is always a hit!

Also if you love making salsa (another one of my family’s favorites), you will find fresh ingredients for making different types of salsa including tomatillos, tomatoes, several types of peppers, onions, cilantro, and even peaches if you want a sweeter salsa.

For a complete list of vendors, visit our market map.

Important Reminders!

With summer at the market in full swing, we wanted to remind you of three important things that we need you to do in order to keep everyone at the market safe.

Wear a Mask!
Since July 15th masks have been required in both indoor spaces and outdoor spaces when you cannot stay 6 feet apart, which includes our market. Mask wearing at the market is essential.

Avoid Shopping & Gathering in Groups
In order to help everyone maintain social distancing, we limit the number of people allowed in the market. The last few weeks at the market, we’ve had a line of people waiting to get in for the first two hours of the market. We ask that you shop alone if possible. This will help reduce the lines and will help keep everyone safe.

Enjoy Purchases Outside of the Market
We completely understand the temptation to eat those delicious blueberries or sip on a refreshing bubble tea while shopping the market. However, eating and drinking at the market means that you no longer have your mask on, which is a requirement. For the safety of our volunteers, vendors, and other shoppers, please wait until your are outside of the market to start enjoying your purchases.

Become a Volunteer

We could not hold the market each week if it wasn’t for amazing volunteers. They are the one’s who help us setup and teardown each Sunday and who greet you when you enter the market. We are in the need for a few more people to join our group of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill our our brief Volunteer Form.

Written by Emily Murnen, WFM Market Manager

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