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Safety Guidelines


Safety Guidelines

Make a donation to the market today to help feed your community!

Operating the Woodstock Farmers Market in a safe way is our top priority.

We continue to do everything possible make our market the safest source of fresh, local food. We need your help to make that happen. In addition to the policy changes listed below, we’re asking the following of our customers:

Shopper Guidelines


Masking is required.


Maintain a physical distance of at least 6-feet between you and others.


Hand-washing and hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the market – please use them before & after shopping.


Consider online ordering from some of your favorite vendors on the WhatsGood app, or connect with them directly, to limit the amount of time at the market.


Come prepared with a list of items to decrease the amount of time spent at the market.


Please stay at home if you are sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

We have implemented measures to protect the health of our shoppers, our vendors and our community. These measures include:

  • Adding more hand sanitizing stations throughout the market including at our token booth for customers to use after transactions
  • Sanitizing high-touch surfaces frequently
  • Kindly reminding customers to keep social distance and direct the flow of traffic
  • Requiring vendors pre-bag produce to eliminate scales and weighing
  • Having vendors round prices to the nearest dollar to eliminate coin handling
  • Requiring vendors to have hand sanitizer or hand washing station available at checkout
  • Canceling music, kids programs, and special events until further notice

Thank you for helping us
stay safe and healthy!

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