Our Vendors

Below is a list of the Woodstock Farmers Market vendors. We encourage you to come to the market each week and get to know these wonderful farmers and producers who are dedicated to bringing fresh, local food to our community.

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Vendors marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic farms.

  • Albeke Farms

    Oregon City, OR


    A local grower of berries, fruits and vegetables serving the Pacific Northwest.

  • Alle Amin East African Cuisine

    Portland, OR

    Serving delicious Somalian food and sauces.

  • Amica Farm

    Gresham, OR


    The product of two hardworking, passionate and fun-loving female farmer friends, Amica Farm specialize in salad mixes, heirloom and unusual vegetables, and culinary staples.

  • Dancing Light Ranch

    Corbett, OR


    Small family run lavender farm.

  • Deck Family Farm

    Junction City, OR


    Pasture based farm who strives to bring flavorful, diverse products (including beef, pork, chicken and lamb) to market while remembering their humanitarian and ecological responsibilities.

  • Dos Hermanos Bakery

    Portland, OR


    Hand make artisan bread company making Europe style bread with some fusion of Mexican pastry and bread to share their roots.

  • Dragonfly Forge

    Portland, OR


    Offers professional knife, tools and other blade sharpening services. All blades are hand-honed on Japanese water-stones.

  • Flying Onion

    Oregon City, OR


    A small, diverse fruit and vegetable farm located just on the edge of Oregon City who focuses on quality rather than quantity. They work hard to provide only the best tasting and healthiest food for their customers.

  • Fulton Family Farm

    Dayton, OR

    Fulton Family Farms is a family owned business started in 1979, located in the fertile Willamette Valley. In recent years they have branched out into fruits and vegetables for direct market to consumers, reaching our customers through roadside farmstands and farmer’s markets.

  • Greenville Farms

    Forest Grove, OR

    A family farm nestled at the base of the coast range and grow a diverse crop of berries and vegetables.

  • Herr Family Farm

    Portland, OR

    Herr Family Farm grows and sells fresh cut flowers.

  • Katherine’s Taqueria

    Portland, OR


    Delicious, homemade Mexican food inspired by their Yucatan roots.

  • Kiyokawa Family Orchards

    Parkdale, OR


    Fourth generation family orchard located in the beautiful Hood River Valley that grows over 90 varieties of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, Asian pears and berries.

  • Little Sun Farm

    Gresham, OR


    Little Sun Farm is a diversified vegetable farm growing on less than one acre at the Headwaters Incubator Program in Gresham, OR. The farm grows a wide variety of cooking and salad greens, roots and culinary herbs, as well as the classic favorites (tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, etc.). The farm was established in 2019 by Reiden Gustafson (Laguna Pueblo/Comanche) after Reiden realized that farming provided a way of connecting to her Native American ancestry and the legacy of Pueblo agriculture from the American southwest. The name Little Sun comes from one of Reiden’s Pueblo clan names.

  • Mountainside Herbal Nursery

    Newberg, OR


    A family farm that offers edible landscape plants including veggie, herb starts and some berry plants. Their mission is to help people grow their own delicious foods.

  • Natures Wild Harvest

    Vancouver, WA

    Offers a wonderful selection of fresh wild and naturally preserved food products from the Pacific Northwest including wild mushrooms, beries, jams, syrups, honey, seasoning powders and more. All of the food items are either wild foraged or organically grown in a sustainable manner.

  • New Deal Distillery

    Portland, OR


    Proudly crafting small-batch, award-winning spirits in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District since 2004.

  • No Mess Chef

    Happy Valley, OR


    No Mess Chef is a local meal delivery company that also makes products. Outside of their meals that are made using local pasture raised animals and veggies, they make bone broth, soups, sauces (without refined sugar) and more.

  • Roundhouse Foods

    Portland, OR


    Small batch, flavor-driven hummus made by hand with local ingredients.

  • Sandy Bluff Farm

    Troutdale, OR


    A 7-acre, multi-family farm committed to sustainable food production and dry farming practices, and raising nutritious food for their families and yours.

  • Stillweather Distillery

    Happy Valley, OR


    American Craft Distillery in the Portland area. They launched our first spirit, an American style Gin, in the winter of 2018, and the second gin will be ready in time for the market season.

  • Straightaway

    Portland, OR


    Straightaway believes that a good cocktail should never be out of reach. With that in mind, they make both classic and lesser-known spirit-forward cocktails with ingredients of the best grade, and they bottle them for your effortless enjoyment.

  • Westward Whiskey Distillery

    Portland, OR


    Founded in 2004 with a passion for Northwest brewing culture and the American pioneering spirit, Westward Whiskey is a leader in Portland’s world-renowned maker community. They make their spirits from scratch with an intense pursuit of perfection, using the best natural ingredients.

  • Wildland Kombucha

    Portland, OR


    Wildland Kombucha is a handcrafted Kombucha Brewery located in Portland, Oregon. By donating 100% of all profits to the Wildland Firefighters Foundation, they aim for healthy forests, healthy firefighters and a healthy you!

  • Winters Farms

    Troutdale, OR


    A sustainable family farm since 1938 that grows high quality, sustainably grown products, including vegetables, berries, fruit, flowers plus honey, jams & syrup.