Our Vendors

Below is a list of the Woodstock Farmers Market vendors. We encourage you to come to the market each week and get to know these wonderful farmers and producers who are dedicated to bringing fresh, local food to our community.

Vendors marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic farms.

  • 2 Towns Ciderhouse

    Corvallis, OR


    Hard cider made with the finest fresh pressed-100% NW apples with no added sugar or essence flavorings.

  • Alan’s Awesome Chutney

    Portland, OR

    The best mango chutney you’ve ever tasted.

  • Albeke Farms

    Oregon City, OR


    A local grower of berries, fruits and vegetables serving the Pacific Northwest.

  • Alle Amin East African Cuisine

    Portland, OR

    Serving delicious Somalian food and sauces.

  • Amica Farm

    Gresham, OR


    The product of two hardworking, passionate and fun-loving female farmer friends, Amica Farm specialize in salad mixes, heirloom and unusual vegetables, and culinary staples.

  • Block & Board

    Portland, OR


    A small butcher shop that works exclusively with whole animals sourced from local farms to offer handmade sausage and deli meats.

  • Buddha Kat Winery

    Sandy, OR


    A boutique winery located at the base of Mount Hood specializing in fruit and varietal wines.

  • Bull Run Distillery

    Portland, OR


    Making Oregon Whiskey in PDX and creating spirits with unique barrel finishing.

  • Cranberry Kitchen

    Warrenton, OR

    Crannies® plus Crannies blends, Trail Mixes, Sauces and Baking Goods.

  • Dancing Light Ranch

    Corbett, OR


    Small family run lavender farm.

  • Deck Family Farm

    Junction City, OR


    Pasture based farm who strives to bring flavorful, diverse products (including beef, pork, chicken and lamb) to market while remembering their humanitarian and ecological responsibilities.

  • Dos Hermanos Bakery

    Portland, OR


    Hand make artisan bread company making Europe style bread with some fusion of Mexican pastry and bread to share their roots.

  • Dragonfly Forge

    Portland, OR


    Offers professional knife, tools and other blade sharpening services. All blades are hand-honed on Japanese water-stones.

  • Drop Shop Distillery

    Beaverton, OR


    Beaverton-based small craft distillery making Limoncello, Limecello, and Orangecello.

  • Fiddlehead Farm *

    Corbett, OR, OR


    Certified organic, small scale, multi-generational family farm specializing in high quality mixed vegetables.

  • Gluten Free Gem

    Portland, OR


    Dedicated gluten-free bakery serving a variety of pastries and desserts available.

  • Greenville Farms

    Forest Grove, OR


    A family farm nestled at the base of the coast range and grow a diverse crop of berries and vegetables.

  • Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels

    Portland, OR


    Providing Portland with a tradition New York style, hand rolled, boiled bagels. They strive to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and can’t wait to be the most delicious part of your day.

  • Herr’s Family Farm

    Portland, OR

    Herr’s Family Farm grows and sells fresh cut flowers.

  • Hummus Stop

    Portland, OR


    Prepackaged Mediterranean food including 16 flavors of hummus, pita chips, and yogurt.

  • Jacobs Creamery

    Centralia, WA


    Jacobs Creamery has a wide variety of handmade artisan cheeses in both the aged and fresh varieties. They also churn European-style cultured butters by hand, and sell fresh eggs from their pasture-raised, cheese-fed hens.

  • Kiyokawa Family Orchards

    Parkdale, OR


    Fourth generation family orchard located in the beautiful Hood River Valley that grows over 90 varieties of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, Asian pears and berries.

  • La Fountain Herbal

    Milwaukie, OR


    Organic soap, creams, and candles made with natural, wholesome, and clean ingredients and produced in small batches.

  • La Mancha

    Portland, OR

    Paella made with local produce and all grass fed meats.

  • Margalaxy

    Portland, OR


    Raw/Paleo/Gluten Free/Refined Sugar-Free snacks.

  • Mind Your Manna

    Portland, OR


    Offering Firecider – a traditional remedy with deep roots in folk medicine. It’s a healing combination of organic unfiltered apple cider infused with powerful anti-microbial, decongestant and super spicy circulatory movers.

  • Moon Coffee

    Portland, OR


    Female owned and operated mobile espresso bar offering standard cafe espresso beverages along with elegant, seasonally inspired, flavored lattes.

  • Mountainside Herbal Nursery

    Newberg, OR


    A family farm that offers edible landscape plants including veggie, herb starts and some berry plants. Their mission is to help people grow their own delicious foods.

  • Mud Dog Farm, LLC

    Gresham, OR

    A natural, chemical free, non-GMO, sustainable family farm with over 40 varieties of tomatoes, 20 varieties of insanely hot pepper to mild bell peppers. Nearly all of their produce are heirloom variety not found in stores.

  • Natures Wild Harvest

    Vancouver, WA


    Offers a wonderful selection of fresh wild and naturally preserved food products from the Pacific Northwest including wild mushrooms, beries, jams, syrups, honey, seasoning powders and more. All of the food items are either wild foraged or organically grown in a sustainable manner.

  • New Deal Distillery

    Portland, OR


    Proudly crafting small-batch, award-winning spirits in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District since 2004.

  • Pippin Kombucha

    Portland, OR

    Serving unique and creative flavors of health-promoting kombucha.

  • Portland Bitters Project

    Portland, OR


    Botanic bitters for beverages and food. Starting with organic corn spirits, organic herbs and spices, each bottle is crafted by hand in SE Portland.

  • ProFarm Produce

    Zillah, WA


    A family farm dedicated to bringing fresh high-quality fruit and produce at wholesale prices to every consumer in the Northwest.

  • Rocky Mountain Butte

    Portland, OR


    Passionate about people, place and coffee. They want to see the community flourish and believe that coffee is a great way to see that happen.

  • Sandy Bluff Farm

    Troutdale, OR


    A 7-acre, multi-family farm committed to sustainable food production and dry farming practices, and raising nutritious food for their families and yours.

  • Souper Natural

    Portland, OR


    Fresh homemade soups! Gluten free, vegan and vegetarian varieties available.

  • Squirrel and crow foods

    Portland, OR


    Small scale food manufacturer operating specializing in vegan and gluten-free foods.

  • Stellar Pop

    Portland, OR


    An artisanal ice pops company making all natural ice pops from organic ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible. The pops come in unique flavors and are handcrafted in SE PDX.

  • Stone Circle Cider

    Estacada, OR


    Offering English style farmhouse ciders that appeal to all levels of cider drinkers and made on the family farm about 25 miles southeast of Portland.

  • Thomas & Sons Distillery

    Portland, OR


    A new project out of Portland’s own Townshend’s Tea Company where tea spirits are made entirely out of the distillery in Southeast Portland and crafted from tea.

  • True Nature

    Portland, OR

    Local producer of fresh Salsa, Pesto, Vegan Pesto, and other dips.

  • Urban Cheese

    Portland, OR

    Fresh squeezed juice and lemonade paired with melt in your mouth gourmet and classic grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Wet Wizard Sauce Company

    Portland, OR


    Unique and flavorful small batch hot sauces.

  • Winters Farms

    Troutdale, OR


    A sustainable family farm since 1938 that grows high quality, sustainably grown products, including vegetables, berries, fruit, flowers plus honey, jams & syrup.

  • Witchdoctor Organics Herbals

    Portland, OR


    Handmade body products infused with lots of herbs and love, to promote health and happiness. Made with mostly organic ingredients.

  • Zoe Ann’s Cheesecakes

    Beaverton, OR


    Sells gourmet cheesecakes in a variety of mouthwatering, decadent flavors.

On–call Vendors

  • Hoss Soss

    Salem, OR


    Ht sauces with heat you can handle. They have two flavors: a Korean style sauce for all your stir fries, rice and noodle dishes, and their Guajillo, a taco or enchilada sauce made with roasted onions and jalapenos, tomatoes, and a touch of honey.

  • Mrhappy

    Portland, OR


    Handmade confectionary delights including BRTTL and THEM (dehydrated marshmallows like the ones in the cereal, only better).

  • NOBULL Specialty Food

    Portland, OR


    Scratch Starters Concentrates that are plant-based, raw, and sustainably sourced. They can be used for full-flavored instant stocks, sauces, gravies and marinades to delicious vinaigrettes, patties, dips and braised, roasted, sauteed or grilled vegetables and meats.

  • Portland Ashwaganda Farm

    Portland, OR


    A local biodynamic Ashwagandha farm located just outside Portland. They produce spagyric tinctures of Ashwagandha, along with other medicinal plants.

  • Sift

    Milwaukie, OR

    Small, local bakery from scratch. Products include sea salt chocolate chip cookies, pistachio bread with an orange glaze, rose shortbread cookies, morning glory muffins, sourdough bread, lemon bars, chocolate hazelnut scones, almond biscotti.