Our Vendors

Below is a list of the Woodstock Farmers Market vendors. We encourage you to come to the market each week and get to know these wonderful farmers and producers who are dedicated to bringing fresh, local food to our community.

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Vendors marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic farms.

  • 4 Hearts Kombucha – Sandy, OR – We offer organic, low sugar and raw kombucha in pints, growlers, and 16oz cans. Our kombucha is made with fresh local ingredients, showcasing local producers. https://www.4heartskombucha.com/, Instagram: @4heartskombucha
  • 503 Distilling, LLC – Oregon City, OR – 503 Distilling is a local, Oregon City based distillery offering unique hand crafted cocktails available in Oregon liquor stores in 12oz. cans. We currently offer The Wicked Mule, which is our take on the famous moscow mule cocktail, La Vida Mocha- a cold brew coffee, mexican chocolate and rum cocktail, and the Blood Orange Greyhound- the classic greyhound using pureed grapefruit, pureed blood orange, vodka, with a dash of simple syrup. More cocktails are in the works and are or will be available at Oregon farmers markets and liquor stores. www.503distilling.com, Instagram: @503distilling
  • Albeke Farms – Oregon City, OR – Albeke Farms is a Family Owned & Operated grower of berries, fruits, and vegetables serving the Pacific Northwest. www.Albekefarms.com, Instagram: @albekefarms, Facebook: Albeke Farms
  • Alleamin Products LLC – Portland, OR – We make and sell sauces and hot food. We offer three types of hot sauce and two types of tomato sauce. Our hot food includes sombusa, which are triangle-shaped fried dough pockets filled with vegetables, lentils and spices, as well as ingera, which is yellow lentil soup, and a hot rice and chicken dish. www.somaliansauce.com
  • Cote d’Or Culinary LLC – Portland, OR – Cote d’Or Culinary offers baked goods, (bread, croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, palmier, meringue, madeleine, chouquette) pastries (éclairs, fruit tart, macaron) and savory (quiches). All of these are french specialities made by a french, born and trained in France, Chef.  
  • Dancing Light Ranch – Corbett, OR – Dancing Light Ranch is all things lavender! We are a small family run farm who love to work our fields by hand and create beautiful lavender products on our farm. www.Dancinglightlavender.com
  • Deck Family Farm – Junction City, OR – Deck Family Farm is a pasture based farm owned and operated by John and Christine Deck and family, farm interns, CSA members, and many other farm friends and helpers.  We strive to bring the most flavorful and diverse products to market while remembering our humanitarian and ecological responsibilities. www.deckfamilyfarm.com, Instagram: @deckfamilyfarm, Facebook: Deck Family Farm
  • Dos Hermanos Bakery – Portland, OR – We are an Artisan Bakery, primarily focusing on Europe style bread and pastries, also with some fusion of Mexican pastry and bread to share our roots. www.doshermanosbakery.com, Instagram: @2_hermanos_bakery
  • Dragonfly Forge – Portland, OR – Dragonfly Forge offers professional knife, tool, and other blade sharpening service to the Portland, Oregon Metro Area. Sharpening service by Gabriel Bell, professional swordsmith trained in the Japanese tradition. All blades are hand-honed on Japanese water-stones. www.dragonflyforge.com, Instagram: @dragonfly_forge, Facebook: Dragonfly Forge
  • Empowered Flowers* – Oregon City, OR – We are a female owned and operated four season diversified vegetable farm, in addition to our seasonally changing vegetable offerings we grow a variety of fruits, medicinal herbs that we process into value added tea blends and grow open-pollinated certified organic seed. We believe that in order to produce the most nourishing and nutritionally dense food we must care for the soil and the web of life it sustains as well as tending to and maintaining our own cultural connections to growing food. www.Empoweredflowers.net, Instagram: @empowered.flowers
  • Frux Farm – Warren, OR – Frux Farm grows gourmet garlic, produces pickles, sauces, relishes, herbal tinctures and herbal body oils, from vegetables and herbs we grow on our small farm. We farm with care and respect for the land. From the open-pollinated seeds we choose to the health of the soil and the “best farm practices”, we strive to bring the freshest and most flavorful products to your table. We believe that bio-diversity and natural intelligence bring more flavor and nutrients to the table. www.fruxfarm.com, Instagram: @fruxfarm, Facebook: Frux Farm
  • Fulton Family Farms – Dayton, OR – Fulton Family Farms is a second-generation family farming operation that began in 1978, near the town of Dayton, Oregon, in the heart of the fertile Willamette valley farming region.  We focus primarily on direct-to-consumer agriculture products, and make our produce and value-added goods available directly off the farm at our road-side farm store, at our 6 day/week fruit stand near Lake Oswego, and at various farmers markets throughout the Portland Metro area and on the north coast of Oregon. Instagram: @fulton.family.farms, Facebook: Fulton Family Farms
  • Golden Drops – Portland, OR – Golden Drops Turmeric Paste is inspired by Ayurvedic recipes that have been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine to make golden milk, a tasty, healing, and anti-inflammatory beverage. Our paste is made by blending traditional spices with coconut oil and honey. Our customers use it as a pantry item to make healthy and delicious turmeric treats. It can be used to make Golden Milk, Turmeric Lattes, Teas, or even in smoothies, oatmeal and baked goods! www.goldendropspdx.com, Instagram: @golden.drops.turmeric, Facebook: Golden Drops
  • Greenville Farms – Banks, OR – 45 acre family farm located 25mi from Portland near the community of Banks. We are a small family farm that raises many varieties of vegetables, and we have berries,and chickens. We have a full processors license for making our pepper roaster, baked goods, artisan sausages, pepperoni and jams made on the farm. www.greenvillefarmsoregon.com, Instagram: @greenvillefarms, Facebook: Greenville Farms
  • HerrFamilyFarm – Aurora, OR – We are a fresh cut flower farm located in Aurora, OR. We have a few locations where we grow our flowers, we have 5 acres in Salem, 5 acres in Aurora, and 4 acre keizer. www.Herrsfamilyfarm.com
  • Kiyokawa Family Orchards – Hood River, OR – Located in the beautiful Hood River Valley, our fourth generation family orchard grows over 120 varieties of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, Asian pears and berries.www.mthoodfruit.com, Instagram: @kiyokawafamilyorchards, Facebook: KiyokawaFamilyOrchards
  • La Porteña – Portland, OR – We sell delicious Chimichurri sauce developed from a longtime family recipe. Chimichurri is an Argentine condiment and finishing sauce made of fresh herbs and garlic that you can put in anything. We offer a Smokey, spicy version and once you dig in you will not be able to stop! www.LaPortenapdx.com, Instagram: LaPortenapdx, Facebook: LaPortena, LLC
  • Little Sun Farm, LLC – Gresham, OR – Little Sun Farm is a diversified vegetable farm growing on 2/3 acre at the Headwaters Incubator Program in Gresham, OR. The farm grows a wide variety of salad greens, roots and culinary herbs, as well as the classic favorites (tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, etc.). The farm was established in 2019 by Reiden Gustafson who is an enrolled member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe. Reiden is passionate about growing food for her local community as she follows in the path of her Pueblo ancestors. While the farm has not gone through the organic certification process, we are passionate about using natural and sustainable farming methods including cover cropping, reduced-tillage and crop rotation. www.Littlesunfarm.com, Instagram: @littlesunfarm, Facebook: Little Sun Farm
  • Menegon Co. – Portland, OR – My name is Sylvie. While growing up in France, I learned the secret of my grandmother Marcelle’s breton caramel sauce. Tradition and happiness in your food is my goal as well as providing nice gifts for your friends and family. Now you can enjoy this French heritage for yourself, in original caramel, as well as chocolate and coffee flavors.
  • Mindful Mushrooms – Oregon City, OR – Mindful Mushrooms is an urban farm dedicated to cultivating gourmet mushrooms without using fungicides, pesticides, or any chemicals. All materials are sourced locally and the mushrooms are grown using untreated, recycled wood shavings.  Currently, we are cultivating lion’s mane, oysters (pink, blue, pearl, and golden), shiitake, chestnuts, reishi and turkey tail. www.Mindful-mushrooms.com, Instagram: @mindfulmushrooms, Facebook: Mindful Mushrooms
  • Mountainside Herbal Nursery – Newberg, OR – Our family farm offers edible landscape plants. IE veggie & herb starts & some berry plants.  Our mission is to help people grow their own delicious foods. We also have cut lavender and lavender essential oil that we distill ourselves. www.mountainsideherbalnursery.com, Instagram: @mountianside_herbal
  • New Deal Distillery – Portland, OR – New Deal Distillery has been proudly crafting small-batch, award-winning spirits in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District since 2004. Visit our Tasting Room & Distiller’s Workshop in Southeast Portland to sample and see what we’re playing with, or take a hands-on whiskey-making class taught by owner and distiller, Tom Burkleaux. Find New Deal at local farmers markets, at spirits events around town, or on the shelf of your local liquor store. www.newdealdistillery.com, Instagram: @newdealpdx, Facebook: New Deal Distillery
  • Portland Juice Co. – Portland, OR – Portland Juice Co. provides raw, organic cold-pressed juices and nut milks. They use local ingredients and produce, sourcing directly from farmers whenever possible. They also offer delivery to homes and offices throughout the Portland area, 7 days a week. www.portlandjuiceco.com, Instagram: @portlandjuiceco, Facebook: Portland Juice Co.
  • Post Canyon Coffee Roasters – The Dalles, OR – We are a family owned & operated small batch coffee roaster. We offer organic & fair trade speciality coffee. Our beans are sourced from finest areas around the world and roasted right out of the beautiful Gorge. www.Postcanyonroasters.com, Instagram: @postcanyoncoffeeroasters, Facebook: Post Canyon Coffee Roasters
  • Queen Chili – Portland, OR – The best chili in town! Eat it and believe it. Queen Chili makes and sells Cincinnati style, Texan and Hot Bean Chili by the quart. Our chilis are made with locally sourced pasture raised meats and local and/or organic ingredients. www.queenchili.com, Instagram: @thequeenchili
  • Quiche Me If You Can – Portland, OR – Quiche Me If You Can is an independent woman owned business that specializes in petite handcrafted quiche made using farm fresh eggs, organic heavy cream and fresh local produce. Their ingredients are of the highest quality, their flavors are unique and their homemade crust is like no other. They focus on sourcing our ingredients as humanely and sustainably as possible and they don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. They offer quiches in two sizes – petite 5″ and grande 9″. Instagram: @quichemeifyoucan.pdx
  • Roundhouse Foods – Portland, OR – Since 2015, Roundhouse Foods has been creating innovative new hummus varieties using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our authentic, Mexican style tortilla chips are made in house from organic corn tortillas out of Eugene, Oregon. The perfect pairing for smooth, thick hummus and other plant-based dips. We are committed to creating the highest quality snacks from scratch using healthy ingredients, and featuring bold flavor profiles such as Balsamic Pistachio Hummus, Whipped Garlic Dip, and new Pizza Chips. Roundhouse products are made in small batches using farm-direct ingredients from all over the Pacific Northwest. Roundhouse is a woman owned, vegan company based in SE Portland. www.roundhousefoods.com, Instagram: @roundhousefoods, Facebook: Roundhouse Foods
  • Salvador Mollys – Portland, OR – We are a local establishment that has been serving food from around the world since 1995.We specialize in handmade tamales in a variety of flavors with our housemade salsas and crema. www.salvadormollys.com, Instagram: @salvadormollys, Facebook: Salvador Molly’s
  • Sasquatch Botanicals – Portland, OR – Sasquatch Botanicals is a wildly delicious culinary apothecary that focuses on culinary staples in small batches. Blending organic, wildcrafted, and foraged plants to create nutrient dense spice blends, superfood powders, elixirs, extracts, infused sugars, teas, and vinegars. They strive to help reconnect people with their food and nature. www.sasquatch-botanicals.com, Instagram: sasquatchbotanicals, Facebook: sasquatchbotanicals
  • Spice Pilgrim – Clackamas, OR – We specialize in stone ground spices and hand blended teas, our goal is to support a universal love and passion for food and cooking by providing the highest quality spices at the most accessible prices. www.spicepilgrim.com, Instagram: @spicepilgrim, Facebook: spicepilgrim
  • Stellar Pop – Portland, OR – Stellar Pop is an artisanal ice pops company. We make all natural ice pops from organic ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible. Our pops come in unique flavors, and are handcrafted in SE PDX. www.stellarpop.com, Instagram: @stellarpop, Facebook: stellarpops
  • Stillweather Spirits – Happy Valley, OR – Stillweather Spirits is an American Craft Distillery producing unique and quality Gins with an aspiration to produce a true Northwest aged Whiskey unique to the climate of the Pacific Northwest. We believe in co-mingling the traditional methods of distillation with a modern twist on old classics to support the emerging cocktail culture. Stillweather Spirits is the collaboration of three neighbors in the Portland Area with a shared appreciation for locally crafted goods and premium spirits. We believe in working hard at what you love and we want to share our passion with our neighbors and community and teach our children to work hard and dream big. www.stillweatherspirits.com, Instagram: @stillweatherspirits, Facebook: Stillwater Spirits
  • Storybook Farm – Gresham, OR – Female farmer growing diverse vegetables and herbs on 1/2 an acre in Gresham, Oregon.Never any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or any other -icides! Crops are chosen for their seasonality in the PNW. That means: lots of lettuce in late spring, tomatoes and cucumbers in summer and all the hearty root and storage veggies in fall and winter like turnips, chicories and winter squash. Instagram: @storybookfarmer
  • Straightaway – Portland, OR – We are heartily of the opinion that a good cocktail should never be out of reach. With that in mind, we make both classic and lesser-known spirit-forward cocktails with ingredients of the best grade, then we bottle or can them for your effortless enjoyment. www.straightawaycocktails.com, Instagram: @straightawaycocktails.com, Facebook: Straightaway
  • Westward Whiskey Distillery – Portland, OR – Westward Whiskey was founded in 2004 with a passion for Northwest brewing culture and the American pioneering spirit.  Westward is born of the unique culture, climate, and abundant resources of the Pacific Northwest. For nearly two decades, we have brought something new, different, and relevant to whiskey, and we are proud to serve as a leading voice for American Single Malt. www.westwardwhiskey.com, Instagram: @westwardwhiskey, Facebook: Westward Whisky
  • Winters Farms – Troutdale, OR – We have been a sustainable family farm since 1938. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, berries, fruit, flowers plus honey, jams & syrup (from our own berries, peppers and rhubarb). We grow high quality, sustainably grown products incorporating free range, IPM, drip and overhead irrigation using commercial fertilizers with no GMO or hormones (as from manure). Instagram: @wintersfarms, Facebook: Winters Farm