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Below is our weekly vendor map along with a list of our 2024 vendors.
Those marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic farms.

Albeke Farms

Oregon City, OR – Albeke Farms is a Family Owned & Operated grower of berries, fruits, and vegetables serving the Pacific Northwest.

Instagram: @albekefarms
Facebook: Albeke Farms

Alleamin Products

Portland, OR – Offering three types of hot sauces and two types of tomato sauce. Plus, our hot food includes sombusa, triangle-shaped fried dough pockets filled with vegetables, lentils, and spices, as well as ingera, a yellow lentil soup, and a hot rice and chicken dish.


Ama's Tibetan Hot Sauce

Portland, OR - Discover the Himalayan heat at home! Crafted from local ingredients, this unique blend of our traditional red chili sauce is inspired by my Ama’s (mom in Tibetan) love for spicy flavors. Elevate dumplings, tacos, brunch, and beyond with this ideal dip or marinade. Share the joy of Ama’s Tibetan Hot Sauce!


Chio LLC

Portland, OR - Bipoc/female-owned small business. Locally-made, ultra rich and decadent Sweet Pistachio Cream. Silky smooth to the palate with the perfect combination of sweet, salty & nutty, all the things we love most about pistachios!

Instagram: @Chiopdx
Facebook: Eat Chio

Daddy's Cocktail Syrups

Portland, OR - We make cocktail syrups designed for home-bar enthusiasts and professional mixologists! Our syrups are a staple of any home bar setup, whether you're a fan of making cocktails at home or just want something easy to mix up for 'kiddo' cocktails. You can also find our syrups in the wild at some of Portland's best cocktail bars/restaurants, such as Scotch Lodge, Suckerpunch, Canard, and Laurelhurst Market. 

Instagram: @daddys_cocktailsyrups 

Dancing Light Ranch

Corbett, OR – Dancing Light Ranch is all things lavender! We are a small family run farm who love to work our fields by hand and create beautiful lavender products on our farm.


Deck Family Farm

Junction City, OR – Pasture-based farm owned and operated by John and Christine Deck and family, farm interns, CSA members, and many other farm friends and helpers. We strive to bring the most flavorful and diverse products to market while remembering our humanitarian and ecological responsibilities.

Instagram: @deckfamilyfarm
Facebook: Deck Family Farm

Dos Hermanos Bakery

Portland, OR – Artisan Bakery, primarily focused on Europe style bread and pastries, also with some fusion of Mexican pastry and bread to share our roots.

Instagram: @2_hermanos_bakery

Dragonfly Forge

Portland, OR – Offering professional knife, tool, and other blade sharpening service to the Metro Area. Sharpening service by Gabriel Bell, professional swordsmith trained in the Japanese tradition. All blades are hand-honed on Japanese water-stones.

Instagram: @dragonfly_forge
Facebook: Dragonfly Forge

Dreamfields Farm

Oregon City, OR –We are a worker-owned collective that grows an array of seasonal vegetables, fruit, poultry, and heritage pork out of Oregon City. We grow open-pollinated varietals and practice regenerative farming methods to facilitate a diverse and healthy relationship with the spaces we cultivate. Our flock of laying hens, broilers, and heritage Kune Kune pigs are pasture-raised and are part of a rotational grazing system. Aside from markets, we grow food specifically for mutual-aid networks, nonprofits, and community fridges to feed marginalized communities experiencing food apartheid. We believe in fostering the connection between people, plants and animals and the community that bind us together. Food sovereignty for ALL is our mission.

Instagram: @Dreamfieldsfarm


Dregs Vodka

Portland, OR - Dregs Vodka is a mission-based vodka. We donate 100% of profits to Oregon charities who support low income youth. Dregs is a premium potato vodka, six times distilled and over 60 times filtered. Due to the filtration process, Dregs is incredibly smooth without the impurities of less filtered vodkas.

Instagram: @dregsvodka
Facebook: @dregsvodka

Empowered Flowers*

Canby, OR – Female-owned and operated four-season diversified vegetable farm. In addition to our seasonally changing vegetable offerings, we grow a variety of fruits, medicinal herbs that we process into value-added tea blends and grow open-pollinated certified organic seed. We believe that in order to produce the most nourishing and nutritionally dense food we must care for the soil and the web of life it sustains as well as tending to and maintaining our own cultural connections to growing food.


Farm D'ICI*

Canby, OR - Our mission is to provide our community with the highest quality foods. Connecting with the land and with you brings us great joy. We proudly provide our customers with the highest quality organically grown fruits and vegetables. We specialize in French, Italian and Asian varieties with an emphasis on chicories, mesclun salad mixes and edible flowers.
Instagram: @Farm.dici

The Fermentista

Portland, OR - The Fermentista makes fermented vegetables from sauerkraut to salsa and so much more. They only work with small, local farmers to preserve the abundance that the seasons have to offer. Not only do fermented vegetables extend the season of fresh produce, they also enhance the nutrients and provide additional probiotic benefits. Eat and drink more fermenting products, your tummy will thank you!

Instagram: @thefermentista

Fulton Family Farms

Dayton, OR – Fulton Family Farms is a second-generation family farming operation that began in 1978, near the town of Dayton, Oregon, in the heart of the fertile Willamette valley farming region. We focus primarily on direct-to-consumer agriculture products, and make our produce and value-added goods available directly off the farm at our road-side farm store, at our 6 day/week fruit stand near Lake Oswego, and at various farmers markets throughout the Portland Metro area and on the north coast of Oregon.

Facebook: Fulton Family Farms

Greenville Farms

Banks, OR – A 45-acre family farm located 25-miles from Portland near the community of Banks. We are a small family farm that raises many varieties of vegetables, and we have berries and chickens. We have a full processors license for making our pepper roaster, baked goods, artisan sausages, pepperoni, and jams made on the farm.

Instagram: @greenvillefarms
Facebook: Greenville Farms


Herr family farms

Aurora, OR – We are a fresh-cut flower farm located in Aurora, OR. We have a few locations where we grow our flowers, we have 5 acres in Salem, 5 acres in Aurora, and 4-acre in Keizer

Hi-Fi Baking Co.

Portland, OR - I make gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free baked goods using quality ingredients that are mostly organic and, most importantly, taste delicious. I have perfected most of these recipes for over a decade which are my takes on classic flavor combinations without the filler ingredients found in many desserts. HiFi Baking is an expression of my family culture where music and food go hand in hand. Come for the music inspired cookie names, like the customer favorite "Trio of Doom," and stay for the delicious, filler-free flavor. Handmade in PDX. Native American (Inupiaq) woman owned.

Instagram: @hifibakingco

Intentional Harvest

Vancouver, WA - Intentional Harvest Vertical farm & homestead strives to provide the Portland & Vancouver area the highest quality, nutrient dense food around year round!  We specialize in growing a large variety of microgreens that we harvest fresh at the market and package in compostable containers. Microgreens are small vegetables that have ten times the nutrition of their adult counterparts. They are perfect for making your dishes beautiful, delicious, and nutritious or giving your juices and smoothies a power-up! 

Facebook and Instagram: @intentionalharvest 

Juicy Jv's Wings

Portland, OR - Lao and Mexican owners highlighting traditional Lao food for the city of Portland to enjoy. We Left our traditional 9-5 jobs to take a chance and start our Food Business. The food we serve is all Laotian based from crispy rice salad, Papaya salad, to fresh herb summer sausages.

Facebook and Instagram: @Juicyjvswings 

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Hood River, OR – Located in the beautiful Hood River Valley, our fourth generation family orchard grows over 120 varieties of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, Asian pears and berries.

Instagram: @kiyokawafamilyorchards
Facebook: KiyokawaFamilyOrchards

Koa Roots

Sandy, OR - We produce Hawaiian style plant based fruit butters and smoked brown butters. We are also a minimal waste company using the by-products of our manufacturing process and turning them into value-added goods such as brown butter snack mixes & delicious baked goods. All our products are a tribute to the places we call home Oregon & Hawaii. All are familiar treats we grew up with but with our own signature twist. 


Instagram: @koaroots 


Portland, OR – We sell delicious Chimichurri sauce developed from a longtime family recipe. Chimichurri is an Argentine condiment, finishing sauce made of fresh herbs and garlic that you can put in anything. We offer a Smokey, spicy version and once you dig in you will not be able to stop!

Instagram: @laportenapdx
Facebook: @laportenapdx

Mindful Mushrooms

Oregon City, OR – Mindful Mushrooms is an urban farm dedicated to cultivating gourmet mushrooms without using fungicides, pesticides, or any chemicals. All materials are sourced locally and the mushrooms are grown using untreated, recycled wood shavings. Currently, we are cultivating lion’s mane, oysters (pink, blue, pearl, and golden), shiitake, chestnuts, reishi and turkey tail.

Instagram: @mindfulmushrooms
Facebook: Mindful Mushrooms

Mountainside Herbal Nursery

Newberg, OR – Our family farm offers edible landscape plants. IE veggie & herb starts & some berry plants. Our mission is to help people grow their own delicious foods. We also have cut lavender and lavender essential oil that we distill ourselves.


Mr. Baklava

Portland, OR - We are selling Turkish Baklava. A layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey. Our Baklava is stuffed with Pistachios and Walnuts. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and carefully picked. The purpose of our sale is representing authentic desserts in the best quality and shape possible. Our Baklava is the result of a very delicate and time consuming process of carefully layering, buttering, and baking our recipe. We are very proud of our product and confident that it will not taste like any other Baklava made in the United States.

New Deal Distillery

Portland, OR – New Deal Distillery has been proudly crafting small-batch, award-winning spirits in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District since 2004. Visit our Tasting Room & Distiller’s Workshop in Southeast Portland to sample and see what we’re playing with, or take a hands-on whiskey-making class taught by owner and distiller, Tom Burkleaux. Find New Deal at local farmers markets, at spirits events around town, or on the shelf of your local liquor store.

Instagram: @newdealpdx
Facebook: New Deal Distillery


Bend, OR – Not Bread is a gluten-free seed loaf crafted from organic oats, seeds, honey, and sea salt. We don’t use flour, eggs, nor butter. And, our loaves are totally dairy free. Handcrafted in small batches, Not Bread offers wholesome nourishment that is balanced with fiber, protein, and good fats (from seeds, of course!).

Instagram: @eatnotbread
Facebook: @Notbreadlife

Ona Yogurt

Portland, OR - Ona is Greek-style vegan yogurt made from silken tofu that is high in protein and low in sugar. Given we start with a simple, humble block of tofu, our final product is always thick, creamy, and delicious. Our flavors are inspired by the bounty of the Pacific NW - fresh fruit, real maple syrup, and spices curated by other local vendors. 

Instagram: @ona.yogurt 

Portland Juice Co

Portland, OR - Portland Juice Co. provides raw, organic cold-pressed juices and nut milks. They use local ingredients and produce, sourcing directly from farmers whenever possible. They also offer delivery to homes and offices throughout the Portland area, 7 days a week.

Instagram: @portlandjuiceco

Facebook: Portland Juice Co.

Radiant Coffee Roasters

Portland, OR - We source organically grown coffee from small farms across the globe and roast them in Northeast Portland. We operate a brick and mortar in Eugene and attend 4 farmers markets each week in Portland. We create long term partnerships with small farms and source their coffees year after year, ensuring long term stability for farmers. 

Instagram: @radiantcoffeeroasters

Raw Oregon Honey 

Oak Grove, OR - Raw Oregon Honey is a family company run by three generations of Vollintines, with several apiaries along the Willamette River. Our honey bees harvest nectar from the local blooms in Oak Grove, Oregon, where we live. The honey we Vollintines harvest is raw and local, filtered only once and never heated. Because the honey is unprocessed, all the natural qualities are kept alive. Raw honey contains bits of wax, pollen and propolis. We have never blended or altered any of our honey, which ensures the quality and unique flavors our bees produce remain intact when the product makes its way to you, the consumer. 

Instagram: @raworegonhoney 

Rose and Fern Cellars 

McMinnville, OR - Rose and Fern Cellars is an Oregon Winery featuring the best wines at affordable prices. We sell wine by the bottle produced only from Oregon sourced grapes. You can also become a wine club member which allows you to get first dibs on all our new wine releases and discounts on your Rose and Fern Cellars favorites. Wine Club selections will be offered twice a year picked up at one of our Wine Club events.

Instagram: @rosenfern

Facebook: @RoseandFernCellars

Roundhouse Foods

Portland, OR – Since 2015, Roundhouse Foods has been creating innovative new hummus varieties using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our authentic, Mexican-style tortilla chips are made in-house from organic corn tortillas out of Eugene, Oregon. The perfect pairing for smooth, thick hummus and other plant-based dips. We are committed to creating the highest quality snacks from scratch using healthy ingredients, and featuring bold flavor profiles such as Balsamic Pistachio Hummus, Whipped Garlic Dip, and new Pizza Chips. Roundhouse products are made in small batches using farm-direct ingredients from all over the Pacific Northwest. Roundhouse is a woman-owned, vegan company based in SE Portland.

Facebook: Roundhouse Foods

Rowen Forest

Portland, OR – Since 2015, Roundhouse Foods has been creating innovative new hummus varieties using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our authentic, Mexican-style tortilla chips are made in-house from organic corn tortillas out of Eugene, Oregon. The perfect pairing for smooth, thick hummus and other plant-based dips. We are committed to creating the highest quality snacks from scratch using healthy ingredients, and featuring bold flavor profiles such as Balsamic Pistachio Hummus, Whipped Garlic Dip, and new Pizza Chips. Roundhouse products are made in small batches using farm-direct ingredients from all over the Pacific Northwest. Roundhouse is a woman-owned, vegan company based in SE Portland.

Facebook: Roundhouse Foods

Salvador Molly's

Portland, OR - There is a feeling of calm you can only get from spending time in the forest. We capture that feeling in a bottle. At Rowen Forest, we combine ancient techniques of wild harvest with permaculture farming to create extraordinary forest therapy products. We utilize three primary ingredients - Trees, Bees and Flowers - healing resins from Oregon trees are blended with locally-grown sunflower oil and beeswax from the same hives that pollinated the sunflowers to produce unequaled forest therapy medicines. We have perfected these products over the course of decades, and now are offering them for sale through Rowen Forest. We harvest every ingredient ourselves to ensure they are completely sustainable. None of our ingredients have been pasteurized or even touched plastic. Rowen Forest brings the ancient medicine of the trees to you. 

Instagram: @rowenforest   


Portland, OR - Artisanal Asian Spice Paste Makers. We started SiBeiHo to share our Singapore taste memories with friends here. Our small batch Sambals are made from scratch using local organic ingredients whenever possible. Singapore cuisine is almost impossible to define with its melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian influences. But one thing unites us - our love for spicing up meals, especially with Sambals. The best versions are homemade and are closely guarded family recipes. Now, after receiving the thumbs up from our new friends and family in Oregon, we’re excited to share the flavours of Singapore with you. 


Instagram: @sibeihosibeiho

Simply Sol 

Molalla, OR - Simply Sol is a BIPOC owned and operated hemp, medicinal herb and produce farm committed to cultivating medicines naturally and regeneratively for our community and beyond. We understand the importance of accessible medicines and have found that when in harmony with the environment, allies to health are all around us. Our experience has shown us that high quality healing crops can only be grown in an environment of balance, vitality and respect for the full circle of contributors large and microscopic. Another of our goals is to attempt to address the severe inequalities and inequities in the cannabis and farming industry in Oregon (and the wider U.S.) via providing a safe educational space for BIPOC folks and more, ultimately providing the direct experience based knowledge required for successful farming. Our farm currently grows on 6+ acres of the 25 acre property we own/steward outside of Southeast Portland in Molalla. 


Instagram: @simply_sol_farm 

Sofia Gardens

Boring, OR – Sofia Gardens is a vegetable farm in Boring Oregon run by Mohammed and his wife Shaheedah. He hopes that his farm and food can be a gathering place for the community.

Stillweather Spirits

Happy Valley, OR – Stillweather Spirits is an American Craft Distillery producing unique and quality Gins with an aspiration to produce a true Northwest-aged Whiskey unique to the climate of the Pacific Northwest. We believe in co-mingling the traditional methods of distillation with a modern twist on old classics to support the emerging cocktail culture. Stillweather Spirits is the collaboration of three neighbors in the Portland Area with a shared appreciation for locally crafted goods and premium spirits. We believe in working hard at what you love and we want to share our passion with our neighbors and community and teach our children to work hard and dream big.

Instagram: @stillweatherspirits
Facebook: Stillwater Spirits


Portland, OR – We are heartily of the opinion that a good cocktail should never be out of reach. With that in mind, we make both classic and lesser-known spirit-forward cocktails with ingredients of the best grade, then we bottle or can them for your effortless enjoyment.

Instagram: @straightawaycocktails
Facebook: Straightaway

Tutuilla True Fish

Pendleton, OR - Tutuilla True Fish Is a Native American owned commercial Fishery. We Fish out of Cascade locks on the Columbia River. We follow our Fishing traditions that we have done for Millennium. We are very Grateful for customers and we hope to continue our tradition of Trading fresh fish to the people.

Instagram: @TutuillaTrue

Westward Whiskey Distillery

Portland, OR – Westward Whiskey was founded in 2004 with a passion for Northwest brewing culture and the American pioneering spirit. Westward is born of the unique culture, climate, and abundant resources of the Pacific Northwest. For nearly two decades, we have brought something new, different, and relevant to whiskey, and we are proud to serve as a leading voice for American Single Malt.

Instagram: @westwardwhiskey
Facebook: Westward Whisky

Winters Farms

Troutdale, OR – We have been a sustainable family farm since 1938. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, berries, fruit, flowers plus honey, jams & syrup (from our own berries, peppers, and rhubarb). We grow high-quality, sustainably grown products incorporating free-range, IPM, drip, and overhead irrigation using commercial fertilizers with no GMO or hormones (as from manure).

Instagram: @wintersfarms
Facebook: Winters Farm

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